Health: for Italians is before work but less than 1 in 5 is controls.

Milan, 17 Oct. (Reuters Health)-The first health, even in times of crisis. For 45% of Italians-nearly half-feel good is the priority, while only 18% say the same thing as a safe job. An Italian on 2 claims to avoid risky habits such as alcohol and smoking, but only one out of 4 is able to follow a healthy diet, just one in 5 sports regularly and makes less than a fifth State to undergo preventive controls. Are some of the findings from a study, presented to a Eurisko year since first Observatory Assodim, Association of independent non-profit organization with charitable purposes. Stay healthy/maintain good health is recognized by all as the first objective or goal in life. 2014 research highlights a turnaround from last year: for 21% of Italians, the time to devote to family and the upbringing of children are more important than economic well-being (9%) and success in the profession (2 percent). The survey, however, the advance of certified ‘ mammi ‘ in response to the position of women: the time to devote to family is in third place in the scale of priorities of men and women in the fifth, while the success in the profession is in fourth place in the women’s rankings and eighth in men ‘s. The 85% of Italians over 30 received healthcare delivery/services during the last year, remains from the search. It is mostly blood/urine tests, specialist consultations, visits/dental interventions, but also, in almost half of cases, preventive/diagnostic exams. The North and the employees of large companies are characterized by a stronger commitment to prevention than the South. With respect to the quality of the services offered by the national health service is discreet, satisfaction and the greatest aspect of dissatisfaction about the waiting time. Women have always been attentive and sensitive to prevention, are confirmed as more critical and demanding, oriented to quality of care. More than half of Italians has benefited in the last year of private healthcare services, in about half the cases for a specific health problem, while for the other half to preventive (visits and exams/control check-ups). To make prevention are more often women. The private sector is used to avoid long waiting lists, but also to address a specific doctor or a specialist centre and avant-garde. Only 17% of Italians have supplementary assistance covering health costs: the higher the percentage in the North (31%) among employees of large companies (23%) and at those who have a higher education level (23 percent). Almost all would appreciate that your company offered as corporate benefits. In the shadows showed about half of respondents integrative care gives a positive impact on the perception of safety and well-being and the prevention orientation. . Similar text can be inspected clicking weblink.

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