Health: 2 dead in prison on 5 by suicide, trend back to grow.

Rimini, 19 nov. (Reuters Health)-Return to increase suicide in Italian prisons. If in 2013 had fallen to 30% of the total causes of death among the detainees, the forecast for 2014 is a return to the 40% historical: 2 deaths on 5 in prison are by suicide. They include the President of the Italian society of Psychiatry Emilio Sacchetti and past president Claudio Mencacci, committed today and tomorrow in Rimini in Sip monotematica Conference ‘ Mens sana in corpore sano: welfare as standard of care in Psychiatry ‘. Mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic and personality are the mental health problems more frequent among the approximately 60 thousand visitors of prisons of the peninsula. Diseases that most often do not arise in prison-State experts-but that in prison can increase and worsen primarily because of the difficulty of diagnostic screening and targeted assistance. In each region are active prevention groups-stresses Mencacci-but to commit suicide there is always a certain amount of unpredictability and does not mean that the data on changing random fluctuations also adds bags. What is certain, however, is that generally in prison the inmates are all you need to take his own life or even just to try it. It happens that some are suicides ‘ by mistake ‘, born as call for help which then leads to tragedy. The objective of the Sip is to bring really, 360 degrees, the mental health care in prisons with a focus on suicide prevention, explains Mencacci. An intervention that should guarantee at least the care offered to patients levels freely, otherwise the cells could become a powder keg ready to explode, warns bags. But for a constant and effective assistance not just send to jail for a few hours psychiatrists territorial services as is the case today. Due to the shortage in organic, in fact, you end up devoting to this task most colleagues ‘ weak ‘, with little experience and temporary contracts. Instead, we should have dedicated personnel. An ad hoc pool concludes Mencacci, able to start in a prison controlled by the recovery of these patients and the insertion in specialised services once the penalty period. This is the only way to not lose them and bring them back to life. . Original data could be found clicking this

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