Education strike: Nationwide protest over ten thousand students.

Spanish students, teachers protest against education cuts, reform ...

BAföG for all, free education, affordable housing! On Wednesday thousands of pupils, trainees and students for a democratic protested civil and critical education landscape among others in Berlin, Leipzig, Wiesbaden, Cologne and Rostock including, – so write it the initiators of the educational strike Alliance on its Web site. We are aggressive and loud, she tweeted. Nationwide, thousands of students in the framework of the educational strike on the street were already in may, more protests will follow in the summer. Many pupils and students marched on Wednesday in. In Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia State Governments had prescribed universities strict saving be demo in Leipzig from several federal countries traveled to 12 000 demonstrators, says Laurien Simon Wüst, speaker at ASTA Frankfurt and co-organiser of the educational strikes. 5500 protesters called the police. In Wiesbaden, about 3,000 students came according to Wakefield and students, the police called 1200. In Rostock, the Schwerin Volkszeitung was one of 200 students in the city. In Cologne, there were around 300, reports the local ASTA. Not all the Demonstrantion encountered skepticism: the CDU youth organization young Union participated otherwise as young socialists and Young Socialists Group, die linke. SDS and CampusGrün not in the protests. So as the young Union Hesse spoke of one-sided, irrelevant and populist demands. It should be no matter the organizers. You celebrate in the social Web, and hope for more protests in the coming weeks. . Similar facts can be read visiting web site.

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