Crime scene cleaner Rosalia Zelenka: Dissolved corpses are nothing for me.

Zelenka: Fresh blood smells like metal, iron. Also mix up the smell of man and environment. Bodies have been located at a crime scene, smell like rotten meat. Faecal smell sometimes happen because people in a death situation can hold back no longer. My coworker asked me once: you know that also? Here it smells like dead bodies. We were no longer on the scene. He had the smell in the nose because it save our mucous membranes and our brain. Zelenka: I was long active in the cleaning industry. Then came the first crime scene at some point and I began to work me in the subject. I have talked a lot with forensic experts, read books to suicide and murder, experimented themselves with blood and brain of the butcher, and made a microbiological disinfection training. Crime scene cleaning is very diverse. Also excites me, I can do all right, where disorder reigns – in many respects. . You must check this to read more regarding this amazing subject.

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