Children of dictators: most were unhappy.

Reporter for more than fifteen years and author of some 20 documentaries, Jean-Christophe Brisard has initiated and directed the collective work children of dictators (Editions First, 2014, 21.90 euros). They had the misfortune to be the children of a historical figure. They could not travel as they wanted, were monitored and might be victims of attacks. It can be classified into two categories. First, those who are not in the criticism of the father and attempting to perpetuate his work. Among them, the daughter of Franco and Pinochet children. Then those entered in opposition, stifled by their father in the same way as the population. Castro daughter has fled and is now opposed to his father, the daughter of Stalin eventually change its name. This is not a compilation of already known facts but of first hand information. For Hussein and Al-Assad, the authors have contacted relatives of the family and reported information never before seen elsewhere. Before that, he had no books on the daughters of Mao Zedong. We publish pieces of an exclusive interview with the daughter of Stalin. That said, many of these children did not wish to answer us because we were presenting their father as a dictator. This is the story in the history. We cannot understand what has happened to these children if there is no history of the father. We wondered what these dictators were different from us. When you are responsible for the destiny of a people, can we feel simple feelings as love his children or teach him to ride a bike? In the end, the more annoying it is to say that these are men like everyone. At the base at least. . Root data may be read checking the following

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