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Yesterday mirror showed me online to the farewell, not down, as picture of the day, a base jumper from Kuala Lumpur. As if nothing had happened, a man in the air over all the high-rise buildings is there seemingly relaxed, and on his forehead, he has a GoPro camera, which will take up the case. And Of course the press is: base jumping is prohibited because of the great danger for the jumper while actually, but it delivers spectacular images, and therefore this scene has sponsors, carefully planned media actions and grateful customers such as Spiegel Online, which help ensure that this Knight is such a Sprayer2 of kind of. 0 of urban culture are. And Of course you have to be right up close to such images. Whether the parachute eventually opens, safely lands or the unpredictable winds against a skyscraper is not pressed, the jumper doesn’t Of course. Main thing that people click. This post is but about Sebastian Haag and Andrea Zambaldi, who last week came in the Himalayas to life. They were 100 meters below the Summit of 8013-metre shisha Pangma, an avalanche covered and buried. One of their colleagues could escape luckily from the snow mass. -There is in the media a private, click rich Word – Mountaineer were on the way to another click pregnant Word; their goal was a world record and attempting to directly in a row to climb two eight-thousanders and to drive the route in between with the wheel. Eight-Thousander is By the way also such a hot word, because the click currency of the Internet, it must be always the highest. Seven-Thousander are uninteresting. An eight-Thousander is good, but two are Of course better if this extreme mountaineers set a world record. Leading media partner was Spiegel Online. For the expedition, that was a direct hit, probably because such tours must will be recovered, and here, the attention of the public in alpinism plays since time immemorial a major role. Spiegel Online was no slouch himself, brought the tale of big in preliminary reports, stylized the mountaineers into heroes, and enriched with all facilities, providing the network so she showed. This is not new in alpinism: there was the worst excesses during the Third Reich to the Eiger North face and on Nanga Parbat in Kashmir, the so-called mountain of destiny the Germans. Fateful mountain has been probably also as a word that was great on the extra leaves; However, the news from the Switzerland and Kashmir were not good, and the audience learned pretty quickly that the previously carefully built mountain heroes had not survived the risk. That was a different era, there was the hero’s death propaganda anything. Today, to write a contrite "in their own right" and brings a KLICKDASAN base jumpers a day later. That says a lot about the ability of such online media. SPON insists that they were just media partner and had nothing to do with the decisions the ultimately disastrous rise, and that the deceased were professionals after an ideal preparation exactly knew what they were doing. What makes SPON unmentioned is the fact that the popular eight-Thousander not in vain as a death zone apply are no fun park for funny videos of action and represent not calculable risks with the current possibilities. A death notification is the worst it can bring, but a normal termination of the experiment, because the weather too bad and the risk was too high, would be in regard to the clicks have been also not perfect. "World record descent – enjoy exclusive video" would have attracted customers in droves, it would have been the crowning glory of all the data, which the media wanted to talk. That you worked in Hamburg and in the Himalayas. Also not unlike in "bet that", where it had to be the jump over the driving of the vehicle. Now you must be debt Very much careful on the subject, especially since, if it wants to end his days not in the Editor’s Chair as a journalist himself. The author of these lines has pulled almost unfair means therefore to travel, in the Zona Rossa of the earthquake in Upper Italy and faced even a half collapsed Church front, the Earth plates broke a few miles beneath him. It was a lovely place near the once beautiful Concordia sulla Secchia, and I knew what I was doing and had been there A lot experience, which I Very much quickly ran. I write here about departures from High Alpine passes, which should break better no spoke and no hose burst. But these are also the reasons why a little distance is better. If I alone race 15 kilometers into the Valley, I can tell me at every bend: slowly. The mountain knows no mercy. You have to get healthy. That is, I admit it, with not quite honest images, because provide exit alone long exposure times and extreme wide angle that gives the impression of speed. I photograph at speeds of 20, and not with 90 things if there is a GoPro helmet, always the thought will be whether this because now also quickly enough looks. That starts with the amateurs, which are stimulated by the material in the Web, and which is Of course also the media under pressure to deliver even harder material. And Of course also their partners, who are no more journalists, but professional data suppliers. Data that you want to animate to click as often as possible. For the click, you should have a direct relationship with the hero, proximity, intimacy, recognition, but also performance, extreme and special features. SPON is known to have fiddle about, travel must be yesterday as "insane", and every banality is charged with allusions to well-known and Popkulturelles. If I so frantically and cool sensation would shut down the Jaufenpass, I would not live long as SPON filled his page. But that as a medium then goes on an expedition, in which speed climber over glaciers with ski depart and not – sign, is constantly by satellite telephone – also including is no coincidence. Hague and his people did not only to the risks, she also knew why they so wanted to mirror online. In Hamburg, Germany saw the big story and the ability to translate that as the event. Come back tomorrow and check the rise, flavor their thread Office overlooking the Himalayan, please close this – today the mountaineers and tomorrow there are hopefully new private nude pictures of some stars, and in between have a base jumper under the question of how to get the maximum, the most professionally. Until then the mega Burnout threatens. In an avalanche, no one’s fault – that’s fate as a spoke of crack, a flood or an earthquake. It die any idiots who think that is a playground for adults and no problem, because their clothes are called peak performance athletes and journalists, and every week in my mountains. The impression in online media, it’s all doable. Red Bull makes it with his brand of action, SPON is forcibly, and YouTube is full of the GoPro videos of those who To want too be 15 minutes of stars. For everyone – pardon – 100 other morons on trackage climbing outrageous 70th sprayer, the Tod on Hamburg’s rail is about the media event, because Media To want the sensation, and by no means, that we even think about what we’re doing. And yet the inevitable happens? Two dead, just built on Heroes in the Himalayas? Oh a base look jumpers in Kuala Lumpur! You can lie also with print bad next to it – the dark side of alpinism is characterised by media and their expectations from the outset, as also the early history of cars, aircraft, and others with many dead achievements bought. In the print but you had at least one more day, to think, meaning dead children on a race track. You could decide one day to the next pressure what just happened. With all the real time capabilities of the data you can integrate the viewer into a stream, and if the stream from the Himalayas is away, putting another quickly. You could make really nice, quiet stories about paddling in the altmühl Valley, but it’s not the sensation of the business lives, even if others die in. . You should click this http:// to read extra about this great subject.

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